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Transmitter outages

We are aware of occasional, transient losses of our Duck Hill transmitter signal, which we understand definitely disrupts your enjoyment of our programming. Our tower engineer is exploring the issue--it looks like a link problem. Please bear with us as we root out the problem and explore fixes available to us.

KNVC License Transfer

KNVC is excited to announce that the Brewery Arts Center in the process of transferring the broadcast license directly to the station. Don't worry--this is more of an internal housekeeping thing. This transfer does not affect programming or operations here at the station, nor does it alter the successful partnership we have with the Brewery Arts Center; it simply means that the group of volunteers that run your community radio station will be the ones holding the license. The Brewery Arts Center has been a fantastic partner and mentor over the last three years, and KNVC and the Brewery Arts Center will continue working hand-in-hand on joint projects in the future. This also empowers the station to pursue financial avenues that were closed to us without the license in our name.

The Sierra Nevada Ally
Police Reform bill quickly passes Nevada Assembly
Sun, 02 Aug 2020
Regional Arrest Analysis
Sat, 01 Aug 2020
Nevada Governor announces emergency directive extending previous directives
Sat, 01 Aug 2020
社评:防火墙带给中国互联网哪些影响 - · 近日由于部分外国VPN服务在中国受到屏蔽,防火墙的事情再次成为焦点。工信部官员昨天就VPN受屏蔽回答记者提问,强调中国发展互联网一定要按照本国法律法规来进行,一些不良信息应该按照中国法律加以管理。
Pro-police rally presages next special session of the Nevada Legislature
Thu, 30 Jul 2020
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The Psychic Communique
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Pop Culture Kaboom
Professor Hieronymus Jones' Feel-Good Psych Hour
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High Country Celtic Radio
08/01/2020 Show 123 - Summer Weather
Bradagain Asks: "Where's the Music?"
Roots, Rednecks, and Radicals
07/29/2020 Roots, Rednecks, and Radicals
The Psychic Communique
07/29/2020 Sandie’s Psychic Communique presents Kim Harris
Business Therapy
07/29/2020 Reignite and Play with Your Inner Child
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KNVC Community Radio broadcasts at 95.1 FM in Carson City, Nevada and online at  As an independent, non-commercial community radio station staffed entirely by volunteers, we rely on financial contributions from our listeners and local donors.  A community radio station is a reflection of the community it serves: it's a hub for the civil exchange of ideas important to all residents.

Our volunteer hosts and DJs are meeting the challenge by recording shows at home and conducting interviews remotely. It defines their dedication and ingenuity to bringing you the best in music and talk in spite of the obstacles of isolation.

In these difficult times, we understand that listeners now may not be able to contribute to KNVC as in the past. If you do find some loose change in your sofa cushions or glove box, think about us. We appreciate any amount you can send our way to help keep this news, current affairs, and great music coming your way. 

Thank you for your support.

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